How to Extend the Life of Your Car

Keep Driving Longer.

How to Extend the Life of Your Car in Bradenton, FL

Here at Gettel Toyota of Bradenton, we understand that you, like many of our customers in the Bradenton area, are always on the move. And when your vehicle is in need of some TLC, you can depend on our service department to attend to it throughout the year. Whether your car needs a routine tire rotation or a comprehensive engine replacement, our service technicians are highly skilled and capable of handling all of your vehicle’s service needs. At our dealership, you can have confidence that your car is in great hands.

If you want to enjoy driving your vehicle for a long time, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about your vehicle’s maintenance. Keep reading for some essential steps to take to ensure your vehicle stays in peak condition. Remember — we’re always here to support you whenever you need us!

Wash & wax your vehicle regularly.

Maintain your Toyota model’s sparkling exterior and protect it in rain or shine with a regular wash and wax.

Don’t forget the interior.

Don’t forget to throw a cleaning party for your vehicle’s interior from time to time! It’s important to regularly clean and maintain the inside. Eliminate stains thoroughly and vacuum to remove any dirt, dust or crumbs that have accumulated over time. If you have leather seats, keep them looking sharp with a leather cleaner and protectant. If they’re upholstered, use an upholstery cleaner and fabric protector instead.

Keep an eye on your tires.

You can’t have peace of mind without reliable tires — they’re your ride-or-die companions! We’re talking about the kind that have sufficient tread and the correct tire pressure. On top of checking the tread and pressure frequently, have your tires rotated on a consistent basis to extend their lifespan.

Keep up with oil changes.

Want to keep your engine humming smoothly? Don’t neglect the oil changes. Your owner’s manual is a handy guide that’ll help you determine how often your vehicle requires an oil change.

Change the filters.

Regularly swap out your car’s filters (we’re talking about the oil filter, fuel filter, transmission filter and air filter) and your vehicle will be set up for success. Find out when to change each one by referencing your owner’s manual, and if you need help, schedule service with our team.

Repair damage to your windshield as soon as possible.

Don’t treat that tiny windshield chip or crack like it’s invisible. Be sure to fix it before it becomes a full-blown windshield replacement!

Use genuine OEM parts.

Accept only genuine Toyota parts for your vehicle. They’re the real deal and you can trust our Toyota experts to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Make sure fluids are at the correct level.

Finally, your vehicle depends on different fluids to keep it running smoothly. Make sure you schedule regular checks for your fluid levels as per your owner’s manual, and if you have any questions, our trained technicians are at your service!

These are just a few steps to follow in order to keep your vehicle healthy and on the road for a long time. If you have any questions about your vehicle’s maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team or stop by our dealership at 6323 14th St. W., Bradenton, FL 34207 . We look forward to serving our customers near Sarasota and Venice.