How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Six Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

How to Get Better Gas Mileage in Bradenton, FL

There’s not much in this world that beats driving down the open road in a new Toyota! The only thing standing between you and your next adventure is stopping at the gas station to fill up your tank. Having to stop for fuel isn’t fun, which is why the Gettel Toyota of Bradenton team wants to help you get the most out of each tank of gas. Ready to trade in your current car? We have a great selection of electrified vehicles, but if you’re not ready to say goodbye to your gas-powered car, here are steps you can take to get better fuel efficiency in your ride!

Six Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

1. Avoid Rush Hour

Planning your route to avoid rush hour can help you get better gas mileage! While there may be little flexibility with your work schedule, you can still make the most of your time after work and on the weekend. If you’re planning a road trip, researching the best times to travel can help you avoid highway congestion and get the most out of your journey. And for those with busy schedules, running errands in the evening can be an ideal way to dodge the dreaded 6 p.m. traffic rush. By taking the time to research your trip, running errands after work or grouping your errands together, you can reduce your fuel consumption!

2. Remove Excess Weight

Carrying extra weight in your vehicle can increase drag, making it less efficient. Every 100 pounds of additional weight in your car can decrease fuel economy up to one percent, which can cost you an extra four cents per gallon!1 For improved fuel efficiency, remove any excess items from your car, including bulky items, boxes and other heavy objects.

3. Follow the Speed Limit and Use Cruise Control

When driving, it’s important to resist the urge to speed. Going over 50 mph can significantly lower your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.1 When going faster than 50 mph is necessary, drivers can use cruise control to help maintain a steady pace and avoid speeding on the highway.

4. Don’t Let Your Car Idle For Long

It’s always a good idea to turn off your vehicle when you’re not using it, rather than letting it idle. This will help save fuel. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t turn off your car, such as when you’re stuck in traffic, you can still conserve fuel by turning off the climate controls.

5. Use the Correct Grade of Motor Oil

Unless you’re in an all-electric car, you’ll need to replace your vehicle’s motor oil. It’s always best to use the recommended type of motor oil for your car. By sticking to the manufacturer’s indicated motor oil, you can boost your vehicle’s fuel economy by up to two percent!2

6. Schedule Routine Maintenance

It is essential to stay ahead of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Inflating your tires properly, getting regular oil changes and scheduling other routine maintenance can help improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Is your vehicle in need of service? Make an appointment with our experienced technicians today! We’ll get you back on the road in no time.

If you need further advice about your vehicle or you’re interested in upgrading to a new fuel-efficient car or electrified vehicle, feel free to contact us or stop by our dealership at 6323 14th St. W., Bradenton, FL 34207 . We look forward to serving our customers near Sarasota and Venice.

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